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A caterer is one whose business is to provide food, supplies, and sometimes service at social gatherings. A person or company hired to provide and serve food, usually for a large group and at a location separate from where the food is prepared.

Types of Catering Operations

-Wedding Catering.
-Birthday Party
-Corporate Catering.
-Social Event Catering.
-Concession Catering.
-Holiday Festivities

Catering Food & Drink Supplier

a catering checklist to help you prepare for your event and set your employees up for success. If you’re just getting started in the catering business, this is a good introduction to the items you’ll need for a full-scale, off-site event.
Catering an off-site event requires organization and planning. Accounting for supplies and catering equipment before your staff steps onto the delivery truck ensures no items are left behind.

Catering Supplies Checklist

1. Table Settings

-Charger Plates
-Salt and Pepper Shakers
-Water Pitchers

2. Display and Decor

-Cupcake Towers
-Candleholders and Candles
-Table Numbers
-Chalkboard Signs

3. Disposable Catering Supplies

-Plastic Cutlery
-Paper Napkins
-Plastic Drinkware
-Appetizer Plates
-Cocktail Picks
-Foil Pans
-Aluminum Foil

4. Transport Supplies

-Insulated Food Pan Carriers
-Glass Racks
-Outdoor Coolers
-Food Storage Boxes, Lugs, and Totes

5. Cooking and Holding Equipment

-Induction Cookers
-Portable Grills
-Outdoor Burners
-Holding Cabinets

6. Serving Equipment

-Serving Trays
-Tray Stands
-Chafer Fuel
-Serving Utensils
-Food Pans
-Server Aprons and Uniforms

7. Beverage Supplies

-Beverage dispensers
-Coffee Chafer Urns
-Coffee Airports

8. Furniture and Seating

-Canopies / Tents
-Folding Tables
-Folding Chairs
-Cocktail Tables

9. Janitorial / Cleaning Supplies

-Garbage Cans
-Handwashing Stations
-Hand Sanitizer
-Cleaning Towels
-Disposable Gloves