Kak Chu Florist

Florist in Kuala Krai District, Malaysia

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The floral trade involves activities such as flower care, flower arranging, floral design, merchandising, and often flower delivery.
Wholesale florists receive orders from local florists for all types of flowers and supplies, such as ribbons, containers, and foam.

Floral Tools

-Floral Knife. A floral knife is an essential tool for every designer.
-Floral Branch Cutters. In your floral arranging, thicker stems and -branches can be a problem without the right tool.
-Floral Cages.
-Flower Thorn Strippers.
-Floral Tape.
-Floral Foam.
-Florist Wire.
-Floral Picks.

Type Of Flowers For Florist Use

-Calla Lilies.
-Craspedia Billy Balls.

Artificial Flower

Artificial flowers are also known as silk flowers, fake flowers, paper flowers, permanent botanicals, and faux flowers. Traditionally, artificial flowers were made from silk or paper materials. However today most artificial plants and flowers are actually made from plastic, polyester, and other high-quality, man-made materials.

Dried Flower

Dried flowers are a form of flower preservation, meaning that a flower’s beauty and shape is preserved so it can be used as a more permanent home decoration or a meaningful gift, or even as an alternative to fresh wedding flowers.
Generally, dried flowers can last for one year if they are correctly cared for. It is possible, however, for flowers to last longer if they are bleached and dyed.