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Malaysian cuisine consists of cooking traditions and practices found in Malaysia and reflects the multi-ethnic makeup of its population. Malaysian Cuisine is defined as cuisine which has its origins in Malaysia but is heavily influenced by Chinese, Indian and Muslim cuisines.
The food could be one of the most attractive and enjoyable experiences in Malaysia. As the cuisine is majorly a combination of Malay, Chinese and Indian because of its geographical location; the variety of ingredients is very rich and the taste has become inevitably delicious.

Being a multicultural country, Malaysians have over the years adopted each other’s dishes to suit the taste buds of their own culture. For instance, Malaysians of Chinese descent have adapted the Indian curry and made it more dilute and less spicy to suit their taste.

Top 40 Dishes

To help narrow your choices here are 40 of Malaysia’s top dishes, in no particular order.

1. Mee goreng mamak
2. Apam balik
3. Nasi kerabu
4. Ayam percik (chicken with percik sauce)
5. Nasi lemak
6. Roti john
7. Rendang (beef, chicken or lamb)
8. Kuih
9. Nasi kandar
10. Laksa
11. Popia basah (wet spring roll)
12. Bubur (porridges)
13. Roti jala
14. Cendawan goreng (fried mushrooms)
15. Sambal udang
16. Murtabak
17. Asam pedas
18. Lemang
19. Otak-otak
20. Tepung pelita
21. Rempeyek
22. Satay
23. Rojak
24. Putu piring
25. Satar
26. Roti canai
27. Mee rebus
28. Gulai ayam kampung
29. Lor bak
30. Ikan bakar
31. Char kuey teow
32. Chai tow kway
33. Goreng pisang
34. Chicken curry kapitan
35. Ketupat
36. Jeu hoo char
37. Kaya toast
38. Ais kachang
39. Air tebu
40. Wonton mee