Shopee Express Senai Kulai Hub (SNK)

Courier service in Kulai, Malaysia

2.0/52 Reviews

Courier Services

Courier services focus on express and door-to-door delivery. Couriers may use self-owned, privately shared or public transportation to supply these services. Included are express delivery services. Courier services operate on all scales, from within specific towns or cities, to regional, national, and global services.

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2 Reviews for Shopee Express Senai Kulai Hub (SNK)

sgunesaa81 1 Reviews
Mana barang saya!!!!

Berapa lama nak tunggu 19 Oct barang dsh sampai tempat korang kan!! Cepat la hantar…. I tak nak refund refund semua… I nak BARANG SAYA… Worst customer service

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Mana barang sayaaaa!!

tolong la hntar brg sy.. urgent nk guna.. sy prgnant nk guna bnde tuu.. klinin asyk call jee.. knpe la buat cust mcm nie.. 21hb brg da smpai pd korg kn.. knpe peram..klau jnt trys hntar pd cust..knoe korg xblh ea..

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