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Art & Decorative

decorative art is any of those arts that are concerned with the design and decoration of objects that are chiefly prized for their utility, rather than for their purely aesthetic qualities.
The decorative arts played an important role in the often scripted life of the higher echelons of society that was imitated by others.
The definition of decoration is an item used to make a room or thing more beautiful, or a medal given as an award.


Art is generally understood as any activity or product done by people with a communicative or aesthetic purpose—something that expresses an idea, an emotion or, more generally, a worldview. It is a component of culture, reflecting economic and social substrates in its design. The definition of art has generally fallen into three categories: representation, expression, and form.

The arts have also been classified into seven: painting, architecture, sculpture, literature, music, performing, and cinema.

Art & Design

Decorative design involves the. application of color, line, texture, or. pattern to an object.

The main industrial printing processes are:

-Offset lithography.
-Digital printing: inkjet & xerography.
-Screen printing.

Arts & Leisure

Leisure Arts include crafts, needlework, decorating, and entertaining. also the arts of painting, sculpting, photography, etc., as opposed to music, drama, and literature.

Art & Education

Art education is defined as the involvement in artistic and creative activities, such as dance, theater, music, painting, or sculpture. It can be part of both the curriculum and extra-curricular activity.

Art & Beauty

For centuries, beauty was seen as a virtue in the arts. From the height of Greek art to the Renaissance to Victorian times, beauty was viewed as an eternal, transcendent quality that was highly valued in art. It was something that allowed the audience to transcend the real world into the ideal one.

Art & Craft

Arts and crafts describe a wide variety of activities involving making things with one’s own hands. Arts and crafts are usually a hobby. Some crafts (art skills) have been practiced since prehistoric times, others are more recent inventions.

Art & Fitness

Martial arts is the development of hand-to-hand combat for fighting and self-defense purposes. There are many forms of martial arts, each distinct and each usually coming about for different purposes.
there are many ways that fitness can be viewed as an art. Various forms of exercise can be constituted as art, such as martial arts workouts like boxing or Kung Fu, or dancing, such as Jazz, Hip hop, or ballet. Many of the art elements and principles are used in fitness as well.

Art & Museum

An art museum or art gallery is a building or space for the display of art, usually from the museum’s own collection. It might be in public or private ownership and may be accessible to all or have restrictions in place.

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